Photographs from buildings and open air museum in Sanok, Poland

Here are some photos I made in Sanok, the town in the south east of Poland.

These photos were made in open air museum, where they show local traditions, especially way of building. In this area lived two ethnic groups, Bojkowie and Lemkowie (Lemk) and you can see on the photos ornaments on Lemk wooden houses. For me, they are simply and beautiful, and they are also a good material to use as an embroidery inspiration.

Another thing I want to show are the photos of mosaics in apartment-houses in Sanok. They are wonderful examples of art-deco buildings and the floors inside are sooo beautiful. There are less and less of them every year so I wanted to have them on photos. They are also a nice collection of elegant motifs.



  1. […] Today I want to show something not embroidered but good as an inspiration. You can find the photos and description here. […]

  2. Mandy said

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful images. I do agree they have such marvellous possibilities as inspiration for stitching. The tiles are lovely.

  3. […] The motifs of sun were inspirated by paintings on Lemk houses that I showed before. I want to use more of them and also add some traditional folk embroideries and motifs that are meaningful for me. Now I collect them and draw in my sketchbook. Of course I’ll have use some typical CQ stitch treatments […]

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