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New place takes most of my time (I know, the plans were different).  So, to be honest, I’m not very creative in textile arts now, rather in building arts 😉 Anyway I don’t want to leave the internet so here are two very nice and pretty tutorials made by Bari J. Just go to her blog and browse the blogroll. You’ll find pin cushion and apron tutorial in pdf format.

I like the blog too, so it’s a new position in my rss reader 🙂


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Christmas tree for knitters

On a site you can find a funny and easy to make ornament- just for knitters:;topicseen#msg2273643 

You’ll manage to make many of them before Christmas 🙂

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Prepare to Christmas? Now?

I’m always somewhere between work, some home duties, new flat refit and thousands other things that make everyday life. It’s Christmas soon, can you belive?  I was on holidays not so long ago..

I managed to make few Christmas tree ornaments and found a nice tutorial about making a beaded bauble (thank you Ribbonwiz).  I’m going to try it as it looks not very time-consuming and I have some old plastic baubles from Ikea that look not very nice after few years.

I’m also making decoupage on boubles, but I’m afraid I’ll finish after Christmas as usual 😉 It’s a long procedure as you have to wait after painting every layer of paint, glueing the paper, painting the varnish. I would’t like to have it damaged so patience is most wanted here.

I don’t have any pictures yet but hava a look at this baubles:,2,1111,72741045,72741045,0,2.html?v=2,2,1111,72279202,72279202,0,2.html?v=2 

I’m not so talented to make something like that, anyway it’s really an eye candy 🙂

Poland is known as a place where the most beautiful glas baubles  are made, so check what you can find here:

It’s not really and add, I don’t know this people, but I bought a chicken bauble in this gallery today and must tell you the baubles  are really perfect 🙂

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Scrapbooking tutorial

For today a small (but very useful) tutorial by Mirabeel, on how to make a pretty small photo-album.  Though the text is in Polish, photos explain everything. Have a look, it’s a real eye-candy.

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Have you seen this site? If not, go and check the category hobbies and crafts. There’s not too much yet, but you’ll find some interesting how-tos on fiber arts and scrapbooking. You can also add your own how-to and make the site more helpful 🙂

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Buttonholed herringbone

I like all kinds of  experiments whith stitches and this one is really successful. Annie of Annies Crazy World  shows how to create a totally new look using herringbone and buttonhole stitch. Check it!

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Beads storage

I love surfing through the net and finding wonderful ideas that people share with us. I wish I had more time to read it all and then use some of this ideas to create my own space (not really exactly copying them, I prefer using my own brain to adjust things to my needs).

I was very impressed by Claire Louise from Needle Book, who used an old box to make it a great place to store beads. You would say that everybody could think about the same, but she did id and it’s done in a pretty, unassuming way. You can say that less here means more and this is what is sometimes needed to create a beautiful thing.

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