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TAST week 22- satin stitch

A lot is happening around me but I’m still trying to remember about some crafty activities. The motif in satitn stitch was made few weeks ago as a central element of the red bag. I used DMC Color Variations stranded cotton (new in Poland though it was available much earlier abroad). I like the combination of colours in this thread. It’s different from Coats Multicolors, more delicate I think.

Here’s the photo:

I like monogrammes as decorative motifs. They are not very common now, perhaps because we use things  shorter than 100 years ago, when they were used till complete destroyment or because nobody has enough time  to add this kind of personalization to everyday life objects.  I embroidered once a normal bed sheet, you can see a little how-to here: 

If you are interested in this kind of embroidery, check the old DMC books here. You’ll find a lot of inspirations.


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TAST 23 and some more :)

So, here’s my very-small-sampler for wheatear stitch:
TAST week 23

…and some more works that I finally finished, photographed and put into computer 😉

CQ heart that was started a long, long ago:
cq heart finished 1

cq heart finished 2

…and some lace I did during my small holidays in Bieszczady:

beaded star

white doily

This is still only a part of what I’m making/ have just done and I hope to show you more soon. There were many difficult things that happened to me last time (I don’t want to write about it now), anyway work and crafts make me think in a positive way and force somehow to live in despite all the problems and that’s something good that happens now.

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TAST week 18- whipped wheel and woven wheel

This time I used felt instead of evenweave, I haven’t used it before and it was a new experience.

The idea was to create an impression of sea life.

TAST week 18

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TAST week 17- running stitch

This time I decided to play whith the fabric and made a sampler, where the stitch is almost invisible but creates some tricky folds that become the actual image:


The thing I learnt is that you don’t really need a difficult and ornamental stitch to make a complicated embroidery.

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TAST week 12- couching

I know I am always very late, but there’s so much around 😉 I spent last two weeks on a small holidays in the Bieszczady mountains and did some craft activities, but unfortunately not TAST. Anyway I managed to embroider quite a lot of richelieu table cloth.

For TAST week 12 I have done three CQ details. First two are fans and the last one is a spiderweb. I found that it’s a great fun to explore this technique in fan motifs, because you can add many different stitches to the background thread and you can also use ribbons or some “crazy” threads to imitate the real fan. It was a good exercize.

Here are the pictures:




In the spiderweb the biggest problem was the spider ;), but finally I found a button that was absolutely perfect for it.

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TAST week 11- up and down buttonhole stitch

huh! I’m doing more than writing and it’s probably a good proportion. For week 11 of TAST I prepared two more stitches on my red bag:

TAST11 up and down buttonhole stitch

It’s up and down buttonhole stitch which I first saw in Sharons site (but earlier than TAST). I like it because it gives lots of possibilities when you want to create a plant-like motifs. It’s great when you want to embroider a sea-life plants and used it like that in a green heart. Here’s more typical version 🙂

I found it useful to use frames while stitching this kind of stitch.  It’s rather difficult when you use a hoop whithout any stand and extremly difficult whithout any tension. When you have  both hands free it’s pretty easy. I had some problems whith understanding how it works at first, but after few stitches it became obvious.

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Very fast TAST week 7 and nine

I have too much to do, I’m afraid, and I didn’t manage to stitch everything I wanted last time. Anyway I’m working on a red bag which you can see here and made a stitchery that is good for week 7 and 9 of TAST. It’s here:

very fast TAST 7 and 9

I know it’s not enough and I promise to do more 😉

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