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I tat from time to time, as some perhaps saw in my flickr page, and teach tatting as I’ll do tomorrow. That’s why I’m always interested in new technics and patterns, especially because I rather don’t make my own projects (perhaps one day…). Today I found a great pattern resource. All patterns are made by Teri Dusenbury and you can find them here.

Teri, thank you for this huge and wonderful work you made and thank you for sharing it whith us. The patterns are absolutely wonderful, just go and tat!


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Today I want to share some pics from three exhibitions. The first and second one are now in Lodz, Poland and show tatting and embroidery. The tatted items where made by Maria Wojciechowska-Zalewska and are absolutely unique. Embroideries are part of a competition organized by a local thread factory.

The third one is an exhibition in Poin de Ce (France), that is a museum of coifs. In the current Rakam issue (Nov 2006) there is an article about it. I was there few years ago and made some photos, so here they are:

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Yest, that’s right, it’s snowing here for few days, and this is my first snowflake this year 🙂


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