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Eco tags

As you could see, I’m trying to organize my life and this is another step. I made tags to “sign” the boxes with fabrics and laces that I’m using. It takes so much time to find the right box as they are similar and the whole operation is quite complicated because the boxes are over the door. Now I will see, what’s inside every of them. You can guess 😉

eco tags

Another thing- why eco? I used only recycled materials to make them, nothing new and bought especially for them. It’s a good way to use nice papers and other things that you don’t want to throw out but have no idea what to do with them.


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Some more ideas about time

I planned some activities for few days and I thought it would be interesting to share some ideas about it.

If there is anybody interested we could establish a challenge, say ‘Find you time’ and share the ideas about time organizing and planning a day, and- to be more on topic 😉 – finding a time for all kinds of textile arts.  Then we could show how we used the ideas and what really worked. For the beginning here are some of my tips:

  • plan your day, don’t loose time just thinking “what now?”
  • use time planners/organizers/callendars to write and check what you are going to do
  • don’t plan too much for a day. It’s better to start less but finish more.
  • sleep more, when you don’t feel sleepy all day, you can do more and you’re more effective
  • don’t forget about leisure time and spending it for what you really like

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