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Joining then and now

Β Here’s the first step of my new project (let’s call it like that).Β  I got an old shelf from a house where my family lived just after a war. We’re going to destroy this house, it’s so much damaged that can be dangerous. I decided to save a part of it as a part of our small history.


I’m going to renovate this shelf and change its look a little. It isn’t in a good condition (though looks good on a photo), so I have to eliminate mould and then clear it from the paint and paint it again (in a different colour I think) and add new handles (I want porcelain ones). I’m going to use it to store craft accessories as love to any kind of crafts is also a part of history..


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Something special

Few days ago I got a book from my father-in-law, and it’s a book that belonged to his mother. The book is perhaps nothing special on its own, but the think that they had it for so long and that it became a kind of heritage is. To say more- I have another book by the same author, at the similar age and on the same theme, that was owned by my grandma. It was one of the firsts craft books in my collection and I was always fascinated by the patterns for lace gloves and stockings.

Isn’t it special that although they both never met and even didn’t have a possibility to know each other, our grandmas somehow gave us the same?


Here’s the book I got.


And here’s my grandmas book that I found ones in a family library.

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Birthday gift

Huh, I finally finished my studies today, it’s a wonderful state, when you know that nothing is interupting your free time πŸ™‚ Belive or not, studying and working at the same time is not funny πŸ˜‰

Let’s go back to gift πŸ™‚
Some time ago I got a very special gift for my birthday. As you can see, it’s huge amount of old threads πŸ™‚ I’d love to know, how old they are, I think they might be over 30 years, there is a date 1973 on the box with retors, but I’m not sure if the others cottons are the same age. Perhaps somebody knows?

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