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let’s learn French

Looking for some funny craft ideas and want to learn French? You can do both just reading good French sites.

New site of Marie Claire Idees is a conglomerate of blogs and galleries where you can find lots of ideas and read real French.  For me it’s the best way of learning language: read what you’re interested in and have a lot of fun at the same time. There’s nothing better than that- and how many crafty blogs I missed till now?


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TAST week 18- whipped wheel and woven wheel

This time I used felt instead of evenweave, I haven’t used it before and it was a new experience.

The idea was to create an impression of sea life.

TAST week 18

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TAST week 11- up and down buttonhole stitch

huh! I’m doing more than writing and it’s probably a good proportion. For week 11 of TAST I prepared two more stitches on my red bag:

TAST11 up and down buttonhole stitch

It’s up and down buttonhole stitch which I first saw in Sharons site (but earlier than TAST). I like it because it gives lots of possibilities when you want to create a plant-like motifs. It’s great when you want to embroider a sea-life plants and used it like that in a green heart. Here’s more typical version 🙂

I found it useful to use frames while stitching this kind of stitch.  It’s rather difficult when you use a hoop whithout any stand and extremly difficult whithout any tension. When you have  both hands free it’s pretty easy. I had some problems whith understanding how it works at first, but after few stitches it became obvious.

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Buttonholed herringbone

I like all kinds of  experiments whith stitches and this one is really successful. Annie of Annies Crazy World  shows how to create a totally new look using herringbone and buttonhole stitch. Check it!

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TAST week 6- eyelet stitch/ algierian eye

I’ve just finished another sampler:
TAST week 6- eyelet stitch/ algierian eye

The idea was to make a small whitework sampler using some pulled work as I haven’t done much in this technique. It looks quite nice and the fabric became much more stiff. I think it’s a good idea to stitch such a medallion over a needlecase or a small bag and perhaps add some beads. It would also play on a Christmas tree ornament.

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TAST week 5- chevron stitch

Huh, week 5 done 😉

It’s another sampler whith a blackwork technique theme, though the color is not black. I like the ornaments you can get by repeating the stitch again and again.

TAST week 5- chevron stitch

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Tutorials 4

Again I was surfing through the craft blogs and found some interesting tutorials. For today:

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