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Embroidery frames again and some work done

As it can be interesting for those, who are looking for they own frame, here’s the photo of mine ‘at work’:
embroidery frame
I must say it’s really a great help while embroidering. You have both hands free which is important if you make french knots or other stitches that “need help”. It’s also very easy to adjust the tension of fabric on this frame, because screws allow to do it continouosly. It also doesn’t loose the tension after some time like roller type frames.

Some can say that it’s a lot of time lost for sewing the fabric to the frame. In fact it is some time, but it’s worth doing it. I can see a great difference between working with frame and hoop, and the frame decidedly wins. Attaching this fabric took about 1h.

The second thing I want to write is that I finally finished the parts of a CQ heart:
heart part 1

heart part 2

Of course I need to sew them and fill but the stitching is done. It’s my first CQ ever, I hope it doesn’t scary 😉


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Where’s the frame?

Finally I got it! The frame was to be a Christmas gift but it came today. Anyway it was worth waiting. I got this frame (thanks to my husband). It’s exactly what I wanted to have. I haven’t tried it yet, as it’s quite late today and I have to go to work tomorrow, but I had a problem where to put it for the time I don’t use it. Our flat is really small, so every centimeter is important. On the other hand I’m not going to take it to pieces and set together again every time I need. And here’s the solution (or rather where’s the frame?!):

where's the frame?

I’d like to thank to this genious person who desined the legs. They can be set parallel to the frame and after this operation the whole frame is thinier than 10cm. That’s it!

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Embroidery frames

I’d love to have one, but when i checked what is in the shops, there was nothing that I really need. It’s impossible to buy anything apropriate for me in Poland and quite good stand frames in shops abroad are rather too expensive for me. Finally I decided to ask my husband to make what I want as a Christmas gift. I hope it’ll work 😉

The first step was chcecking what is important and useful to me. I have quite a good image of a frame that I need now and found some good places to learn more about such an equipment.

Here you’ll find a lot of information about different kinds of frames. In this site there is a great artice about mounting your fabric in a slate frame and also about adjusting a scroll frame to use it as a slate.

And finally The Woman of 1000 hobbies shows a frame made by her husband. I think this is a great idea to make the stands high whith a possibility to change the position of a frame if you need it stay higher or lower.

My dream frame will be a little different from what I have seen, but first we have to learn some woodworking 😉 Hope we’ll do it.

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