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some inspiration

I was on exhibition of Alfonse Mucha paintings last week. It’s fantastic! If you hava a chance to see his works in a bigger versions than on a computer monitor, do that. I think poster should be available in more places. It’s really worth to see them in an original size and have a pleasure to analyze every single motif.

You can check the exhibitions on the site of The Mucha Foundation, where you find also some photos in the gallery.

To be on topic- Muchas’ paintings are popular themes of cross stitch. Here are some free patterns, and also Lanarte has some kits. Would’t it be a wonderful thing to have one of them on your wall?


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Some more stitching done

I really, really want to finish it as soon as possible. Doing cross stitch is so time-consuming that I want to try some faster or more differentiated techniques. Now two pictures of what I have done:


Here the cross stitch part is finished. It took very long to find all lost stitches and add them. I printed a grid and used it to check every part of stitching.


Here’s a little more progress, I added back stitches to almost all left side. Notice how great is the difference between parts with and whithout back stitches.

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Play green 3

The work in progress 😉 I’m learnig something every day :),I’m also working on my cross stitch and it looks much better now 🙂 It’s funny, I stitch only in trains while going to work or back home. It really works and people don’t make any problems, I think they are now bored, because nothing special happens, every day cross stitch and cross stitch 😉

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Let’s start..

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Well, I think it’s time to start another blog. If you are interested in any kind of crafts, especially in tatting and embroidery, you are welcome 🙂 I’m also thinking about making a crazy quilt, but it’s still the future.
For the beginnig: cross stitch in progress:

I got the threads from my husband for my birthday and it’s time to finish it. I want more threads 😉 !

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