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New CQMag

New CQMag Online has been already published. You’ll find there some nice Christmas ideas an an article about creating your own style in CQ. Many other articles about techniques and charity programs can also be interesting.


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TAST 23 and some more :)

So, here’s my very-small-sampler for wheatear stitch:
TAST week 23

…and some more works that I finally finished, photographed and put into computer 😉

CQ heart that was started a long, long ago:
cq heart finished 1

cq heart finished 2

…and some lace I did during my small holidays in Bieszczady:

beaded star

white doily

This is still only a part of what I’m making/ have just done and I hope to show you more soon. There were many difficult things that happened to me last time (I don’t want to write about it now), anyway work and crafts make me think in a positive way and force somehow to live in despite all the problems and that’s something good that happens now.

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TAST week 11- up and down buttonhole stitch

huh! I’m doing more than writing and it’s probably a good proportion. For week 11 of TAST I prepared two more stitches on my red bag:

TAST11 up and down buttonhole stitch

It’s up and down buttonhole stitch which I first saw in Sharons site (but earlier than TAST). I like it because it gives lots of possibilities when you want to create a plant-like motifs. It’s great when you want to embroider a sea-life plants and used it like that in a green heart. Here’s more typical version 🙂

I found it useful to use frames while stitching this kind of stitch.  It’s rather difficult when you use a hoop whithout any stand and extremly difficult whithout any tension. When you have  both hands free it’s pretty easy. I had some problems whith understanding how it works at first, but after few stitches it became obvious.

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Very fast TAST week 7 and nine

I have too much to do, I’m afraid, and I didn’t manage to stitch everything I wanted last time. Anyway I’m working on a red bag which you can see here and made a stitchery that is good for week 7 and 9 of TAST. It’s here:

very fast TAST 7 and 9

I know it’s not enough and I promise to do more 😉

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CQMag comes

A hot issue of CQMag Online has jus been published, you can find it here. Even if you don’t do any CQ it’s worth reading as there are articles about many techniques that you can use not only in CQ. I have just scanned this issue now and left most part for having  a longer time to read but there’s a pretty victorian pincusion which made me thinking about a small bag in a similar mood.

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Embroidery frames again and some work done

As it can be interesting for those, who are looking for they own frame, here’s the photo of mine ‘at work’:
embroidery frame
I must say it’s really a great help while embroidering. You have both hands free which is important if you make french knots or other stitches that “need help”. It’s also very easy to adjust the tension of fabric on this frame, because screws allow to do it continouosly. It also doesn’t loose the tension after some time like roller type frames.

Some can say that it’s a lot of time lost for sewing the fabric to the frame. In fact it is some time, but it’s worth doing it. I can see a great difference between working with frame and hoop, and the frame decidedly wins. Attaching this fabric took about 1h.

The second thing I want to write is that I finally finished the parts of a CQ heart:
heart part 1

heart part 2

Of course I need to sew them and fill but the stitching is done. It’s my first CQ ever, I hope it doesn’t scary 😉

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Tutorials 2

It’s after-Christmas-time, but why not think about next Christmas? I’m always looking for ideas and inspirations and even if I won’t use them now, it’s worth having a note somewhere and go back on time.

There are two wonderful ornament tutorials I want to tell you about:

They are both lovely and I wish I had such great imagination. Hope you like them too.

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