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let’s learn French

Looking for some funny craft ideas and want to learn French? You can do both just reading good French sites.

New site of Marie Claire Idees is a conglomerate of blogs and galleries where you can find lots of ideas and read real French.  For me it’s the best way of learning language: read what you’re interested in and have a lot of fun at the same time. There’s nothing better than that- and how many crafty blogs I missed till now?


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tutorials found

New place takes most of my time (I know, the plans were different).  So, to be honest, I’m not very creative in textile arts now, rather in building arts 😉 Anyway I don’t want to leave the internet so here are two very nice and pretty tutorials made by Bari J. Just go to her blog and browse the blogroll. You’ll find pin cushion and apron tutorial in pdf format.

I like the blog too, so it’s a new position in my rss reader 🙂

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