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New CQMagOnline

 I just got an email that new issue is out. Have a nice time with it 🙂


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home- some progress

This is what takes most of my free time since September: trying to change a flat into place acceptable to live. It didn’t look very bad when we bought it, anyway needs a lot of work as we decided to change windows, paint the walls, make a completely new kitchen etc.. Then we found roughcast was not so stable as it looked and we had to remove part of it and make new. After all I changed the color in two rooms (the third’s still waiting), it’s much better, especially because the dark orange was so irritating that I couldn’t stay it.

Here’s the biggest room


and after some refit:

It still needs some more work, but becomes our own, it’s like a kind of familiarizing the place.

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tatting shuttles

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Christmas gift

A little late but I want to share with you what I got from my husband. Of course it was a planned gift as he’s not so well orientned in what books I’d like to have at the moment, but anyway it is so nice that he accepts my crazy hobby and doesn’t try to buy a standard gifts 😉

I also got 2 CDs whith ethno music, it was a real surprise 🙂

Christmas gift

I think the first two books are well known so I won’t write about them now. The most interesting is the third one, Pulled Thread Embroidery by Moyra McNeill. It’s a small and not really attractive-looking book, there are only drawings and black-and-white photos but don’t be mistaken by its look. It contains excellent choice of drawn thread stitches and some directions how to start. Anyway, it’s a book for experienced stitchers rather than begginners. People new to drawn thread embroidery can find it a little difficult. You’ll find there a good reference on designing your own embroideries and some historical information. The version shown on the photo is a reprint of a book published in 70’s and the proposals of patterns are “modern” for that times. I prefer more traditional patterns and I want to use the stitches for my own designs.

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