Have a coffee

I played a little with mosaic maker and here’s the effect. Have a cup of coffee 😉


1. Green Abstract, 2. Green stairs to…, 3. Green Mean Squeezin’ Machine, 4. A Green Life, 5. new green/bamboo and maple, 6. Let’s Get Green! Please take a moment to read…, 7. green cattleya, 8. fiddlehead ♥, 9. Green, 10. Green and Wet, 11. in the wild, 12. Green Wings, 13. green is the colour(teasle), 14. green pattern, 15. Red on Green (2), 16. Quest for the Common Green Darner, 17. For the Love of Green, 18. Lime Green Window Shutter, Red Flowers and a Rail, 19. Green Bee-eater, 20. Green Miniature Rose, 21. Green as a leaf, 22. Still Green, 23. Double green vortex…, 24. Green Beetle, 25. Green Muse Mochaccino


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