Prepare to Christmas? Now?

I’m always somewhere between work, some home duties, new flat refit and thousands other things that make everyday life. It’s Christmas soon, can you belive?  I was on holidays not so long ago..

I managed to make few Christmas tree ornaments and found a nice tutorial about making a beaded bauble (thank you Ribbonwiz).  I’m going to try it as it looks not very time-consuming and I have some old plastic baubles from Ikea that look not very nice after few years.

I’m also making decoupage on boubles, but I’m afraid I’ll finish after Christmas as usual 😉 It’s a long procedure as you have to wait after painting every layer of paint, glueing the paper, painting the varnish. I would’t like to have it damaged so patience is most wanted here.

I don’t have any pictures yet but hava a look at this baubles:,2,1111,72741045,72741045,0,2.html?v=2,2,1111,72279202,72279202,0,2.html?v=2 

I’m not so talented to make something like that, anyway it’s really an eye candy 🙂

Poland is known as a place where the most beautiful glas baubles  are made, so check what you can find here:

It’s not really and add, I don’t know this people, but I bought a chicken bauble in this gallery today and must tell you the baubles  are really perfect 🙂


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