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Before the new year starts

I know that new years’ goals hardly ever are going to be realised so is there any sense to make them? I’m not really going to declare what I’ll do during the next year, I know well enough there will be many, many totally unexpected things that will take my mind. What I want to write is what I’m going to try or continue or just I’m thinking it would be nice to do. Isn’t it better than making a rigid plan and being stressed all the time? So, here’s a small list of crafty going-tos, not musts 🙂

  • finish a cross- stitch picture that I started long ago. It becomes a real UFO and there’s not too much work needed to complete
  • finish two more UFO’s
  • make a sampler of some unusual embroidery stitches- just to learn them
  • organize stash
  • use my visual journal more often
  • read and learn, and make notes not to forget. Use what I learned.
  • make my flat a nice place to live (will need a lot of ideas 😉 )
  • show what I did and take more care of my two blogs
  • learn French to be able to read French crafty books (I started this year)
  • be happy with what I’ve done, not stressed by what I have to do

Have a funny and creative year, whith a chance to fulfill your dreams and a time to share with your family and friends.


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Have a coffee

I played a little with mosaic maker and here’s the effect. Have a cup of coffee 😉


1. Green Abstract, 2. Green stairs to…, 3. Green Mean Squeezin’ Machine, 4. A Green Life, 5. new green/bamboo and maple, 6. Let’s Get Green! Please take a moment to read…, 7. green cattleya, 8. fiddlehead ♥, 9. Green, 10. Green and Wet, 11. in the wild, 12. Green Wings, 13. green is the colour(teasle), 14. green pattern, 15. Red on Green (2), 16. Quest for the Common Green Darner, 17. For the Love of Green, 18. Lime Green Window Shutter, Red Flowers and a Rail, 19. Green Bee-eater, 20. Green Miniature Rose, 21. Green as a leaf, 22. Still Green, 23. Double green vortex…, 24. Green Beetle, 25. Green Muse Mochaccino

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more Christmas inspirations

Melissa of Honey Bee’s Bliss has posted pretty embriodered Christmas tree ornaments. Have a look, it’s still enough time 😉

And for those who are going to spend more time on embroidery- check the current Inspirations issue and see absolutely wonderful goldwork ornament.

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Christmas tree for knitters

On a site you can find a funny and easy to make ornament- just for knitters:;topicseen#msg2273643 

You’ll manage to make many of them before Christmas 🙂

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Prepare to Christmas? Now?

I’m always somewhere between work, some home duties, new flat refit and thousands other things that make everyday life. It’s Christmas soon, can you belive?  I was on holidays not so long ago..

I managed to make few Christmas tree ornaments and found a nice tutorial about making a beaded bauble (thank you Ribbonwiz).  I’m going to try it as it looks not very time-consuming and I have some old plastic baubles from Ikea that look not very nice after few years.

I’m also making decoupage on boubles, but I’m afraid I’ll finish after Christmas as usual 😉 It’s a long procedure as you have to wait after painting every layer of paint, glueing the paper, painting the varnish. I would’t like to have it damaged so patience is most wanted here.

I don’t have any pictures yet but hava a look at this baubles:,2,1111,72741045,72741045,0,2.html?v=2,2,1111,72279202,72279202,0,2.html?v=2 

I’m not so talented to make something like that, anyway it’s really an eye candy 🙂

Poland is known as a place where the most beautiful glas baubles  are made, so check what you can find here:

It’s not really and add, I don’t know this people, but I bought a chicken bauble in this gallery today and must tell you the baubles  are really perfect 🙂

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