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Scrapbooking tutorial

For today a small (but very useful) tutorial by Mirabeel, on how to make a pretty small photo-album.  Though the text is in Polish, photos explain everything. Have a look, it’s a real eye-candy.


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New CQMag

New CQMag Online has been already published. You’ll find there some nice Christmas ideas an an article about creating your own style in CQ. Many other articles about techniques and charity programs can also be interesting.

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Jacobean patterns

Check the blog Needle N’Thread.  Mary Corbet is publishing a series of old Jacobean embroidery patterns.

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Natural inspirations 1

Some more pictures from the mountains. It’s always fascinating for me how much you can learn just from watching around. Can you imagine in how many ways you can transform a simple photo taken on the walk into your work? Use the colours, facture or perhaps some details to create your own embroidery or patchwork, or knitting, or…

On the other way it’s fascinating, that people go to art galleries or look for something special and thrilling and usually don’t see all this really impressive things just near them. I’m trying to catch something interesting in everyday life rather than waiting years for this only one special impression. I think it’s much more creative.

So for today some shots of stones, taken on the field of the Wetlinka river, Bieszczady. Gray scale isn’t boring. Have a look at factures and tones. Water and sun add some more thrill.

stones 3

stones 2

stones 1

stones 4

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I spent few days in Bieszczady again and before I prepare some more photos I’d like to show you what can happen when you get up early there 😉

Let’s say it’s where the wool come from.

sheeps in Bieszczady

Yes, we saw this from our balcony early in the morning. After all there came an angry lady and forced the sheeps to go to other place. Anyway- isn’t it a good way to mow the grass?

I’m wondering where and how their wool will be used?

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