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some inspiration

I was on exhibition of Alfonse Mucha paintings last week. It’s fantastic! If you hava a chance to see his works in a bigger versions than on a computer monitor, do that. I think poster should be available in more places. It’s really worth to see them in an original size and have a pleasure to analyze every single motif.

You can check the exhibitions on the site of The Mucha Foundation, where you find also some photos in the gallery.

To be on topic- Muchas’ paintings are popular themes of cross stitch. Here are some free patterns, and also Lanarte has some kits. Would’t it be a wonderful thing to have one of them on your wall?


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TAST week 22- satin stitch

A lot is happening around me but I’m still trying to remember about some crafty activities. The motif in satitn stitch was made few weeks ago as a central element of the red bag. I used DMC Color Variations stranded cotton (new in Poland though it was available much earlier abroad). I like the combination of colours in this thread. It’s different from Coats Multicolors, more delicate I think.

Here’s the photo:

I like monogrammes as decorative motifs. They are not very common now, perhaps because we use things  shorter than 100 years ago, when they were used till complete destroyment or because nobody has enough time  to add this kind of personalization to everyday life objects.  I embroidered once a normal bed sheet, you can see a little how-to here: 

If you are interested in this kind of embroidery, check the old DMC books here. You’ll find a lot of inspirations.

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the Art of Embroidery

The Art of Embroidery is a fascinating journey through textile arts. You won’t learn too much about stitches, but it’s a book for all who want to improve their skills in design and find new ways in seing the world and translating it into the language of embroidery. If you’re not very experienced in embroidery, you can find it a bit too general (in the meaning of technique) and perhaps it’s better to start with a book that gives  review of stitches. If you feel skilled in textile arts or just want to see more than a traditional embroidery book, it’s the right choice.  It’s really inspiring, full of wonderful photos of nature and unusual solutions. Have a look.

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