Some more ideas about time

I planned some activities for few days and I thought it would be interesting to share some ideas about it.

If there is anybody interested we could establish a challenge, say ‘Find you time’ and share the ideas about time organizing and planning a day, and- to be more on topic 😉 – finding a time for all kinds of textile arts.  Then we could show how we used the ideas and what really worked. For the beginning here are some of my tips:

  • plan your day, don’t loose time just thinking “what now?”
  • use time planners/organizers/callendars to write and check what you are going to do
  • don’t plan too much for a day. It’s better to start less but finish more.
  • sleep more, when you don’t feel sleepy all day, you can do more and you’re more effective
  • don’t forget about leisure time and spending it for what you really like

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