Is that spring? (or about ordering)

Funny, but all that months since autumn I felt like a bag of potatoes- didn’t want to do anything and only going to sleep. I don’t know- is it a holiday or rather spring that made me more active? Hope that this will last longer 😉

Anyway I found enough energy to start some clean-up at home (and in life) and that was a good decision 😉 I must say they have a great slogan for that in IKEA now: the better life starts at home. I think it shoud be my motto for few weeks. Better organization of space is the most important as we don’t have too much place, and after all I’m going to add some crafty touch 🙂 I belive that well organized home gives you a chance to organize the rest of life in a better way.You just don’t loose your time looking for everything all the time and when your surroundings look nice you feel more happy too.

This weekend I managed to remove some old magazines and papers and all this funny and totally useless things that you collect whithout any rational purpose. And here: surprise! I found some very nice embroidery fabrics and some other beauties- just for skirts. What’s more- there was a whole bag full of old jeans in the wardrobe- all waiting to cut and sew something fun.

So- todays’ motto is Have a look to your wardrobe more often!

I have some plans for next days and I’m going to return to planning whole days and weeks to get more time as I used to when I was studying. I used universal village planner then and I think it’s a nice tool to organize your time. There’s also a funny service that works as your electronic conscience and reminds about things you should do.

I hope this will help me to change some inefficient habits and find more time for embroidery.


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