Joining then and now

 Here’s the first step of my new project (let’s call it like that).  I got an old shelf from a house where my family lived just after a war. We’re going to destroy this house, it’s so much damaged that can be dangerous. I decided to save a part of it as a part of our small history.


I’m going to renovate this shelf and change its look a little. It isn’t in a good condition (though looks good on a photo), so I have to eliminate mould and then clear it from the paint and paint it again (in a different colour I think) and add new handles (I want porcelain ones). I’m going to use it to store craft accessories as love to any kind of crafts is also a part of history..



  1. quiltpixie said

    Great idea saving the little shelf….

  2. Julita said

    It’s something that was an integral part of my childhood. The abandoned house and some old furniture inside. I always wanted to have this shelf, there was something mysterious in it, strange things inside drawers etc.. On the other hand I felt the shelf is connected somehow with this house and that’s why I couldn’t take it with me. Now the house is going to be destroyed so I feel a must to save it for me, even if it’s a very small part.

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