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TAST week 11- up and down buttonhole stitch

huh! I’m doing more than writing and it’s probably a good proportion. For week 11 of TAST I prepared two more stitches on my red bag:

TAST11 up and down buttonhole stitch

It’s up and down buttonhole stitch which I first saw in Sharons site (but earlier than TAST). I like it because it gives lots of possibilities when you want to create a plant-like motifs. It’s great when you want to embroider a sea-life plants and used it like that in a green heart. Here’s more typical version 🙂

I found it useful to use frames while stitching this kind of stitch.  It’s rather difficult when you use a hoop whithout any stand and extremly difficult whithout any tension. When you have  both hands free it’s pretty easy. I had some problems whith understanding how it works at first, but after few stitches it became obvious.


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Joining then and now

 Here’s the first step of my new project (let’s call it like that).  I got an old shelf from a house where my family lived just after a war. We’re going to destroy this house, it’s so much damaged that can be dangerous. I decided to save a part of it as a part of our small history.


I’m going to renovate this shelf and change its look a little. It isn’t in a good condition (though looks good on a photo), so I have to eliminate mould and then clear it from the paint and paint it again (in a different colour I think) and add new handles (I want porcelain ones). I’m going to use it to store craft accessories as love to any kind of crafts is also a part of history..

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Very fast TAST week 7 and nine

I have too much to do, I’m afraid, and I didn’t manage to stitch everything I wanted last time. Anyway I’m working on a red bag which you can see here and made a stitchery that is good for week 7 and 9 of TAST. It’s here:

very fast TAST 7 and 9

I know it’s not enough and I promise to do more 😉

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Buttonholed herringbone

I like all kinds of  experiments whith stitches and this one is really successful. Annie of Annies Crazy World  shows how to create a totally new look using herringbone and buttonhole stitch. Check it!

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