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Beads storage

I love surfing through the net and finding wonderful ideas that people share with us. I wish I had more time to read it all and then use some of this ideas to create my own space (not really exactly copying them, I prefer using my own brain to adjust things to my needs).

I was very impressed by Claire Louise from Needle Book, who used an old box to make it a great place to store beads. You would say that everybody could think about the same, but she did id and it’s done in a pretty, unassuming way. You can say that less here means more and this is what is sometimes needed to create a beautiful thing.


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TAST week 6- eyelet stitch/ algierian eye

I’ve just finished another sampler:
TAST week 6- eyelet stitch/ algierian eye

The idea was to make a small whitework sampler using some pulled work as I haven’t done much in this technique. It looks quite nice and the fabric became much more stiff. I think it’s a good idea to stitch such a medallion over a needlecase or a small bag and perhaps add some beads. It would also play on a Christmas tree ornament.

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More on Japanese embroidery

I love Japanese embroidery although I haven’t any possibility to try it. I love looking at these delicate designs and so perfect work. The technique is very different from what I have learnt and the effect is so delightful that I would love to learn it one day. Anyway now I can only watch it.

Carol-Anne is learning the Japanese embroidery and showing her progress on her blog
Threads Across the Web. Have a look at it, I wouldn’t belive she’s a beginner.

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TAST week 5- chevron stitch

Huh, week 5 done 😉

It’s another sampler whith a blackwork technique theme, though the color is not black. I like the ornaments you can get by repeating the stitch again and again.

TAST week 5- chevron stitch

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Tutorials 4

Again I was surfing through the craft blogs and found some interesting tutorials. For today:

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TAST week 4- cretan stitch

I was on a trip last week and made one and a half of sampler, so here’s the finished one. I decided to use some stitches to make easy blackwork surfaces. Cretan stitch is good to create such patterns and this is my first attempt to blackwork 🙂

TAST week 4- cretan stitch

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Tutorials 3

I love Bloglines. It allows to check a lot of blogs in a pretty short time and find what interests me. Last days I found a nice tutorial of how to make a quilt block or a whole quilt made from irregular shapes in two colours written by Emy of Cramzy. It’s a little tricky and finally you get two funny blocks. Worth to remember 🙂

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