TAST week 3- detached chain stitch

I’m a little late whith this, but had so much to do, that working on this samler took ages.

When I think about detached chain the first is that there’s another name for it: lazy daisy stitch. This made my to think about this stitch like an easy and fun way to make nice flower shapes. The flowers must grow somewhere, so I needed a meadow. I decided to experiment a little whith fabrics and used two different fabrics that are not absolutely even. It was in my mind to make them folded and whith frayed edges to simulate the meadow. What do you think?

TAST3- detached chin stitch

I’m not very good in a free embroidery, so it was just an experiment to try some new possibilities, but you should see Kay Susans embroidery in her blog Smockery. It’s absolutely amaizing what you can do whith detached chain.



  1. TAST

    I’ve been surfing through the TAST webring and there are so many great samples!

    I was particularly taken with Julita from The Pin Gallery’s Lazy-Daisy Stitch (Detached Chain) Flowers. I’ve always loved the simple beauty of lazy daisies and she…

  2. Susan said

    I think it’s very meadow-like and admire you for taking a plunge into this freestyle. I absolutely love the orange one with the 3 fastening stitches. I’ll probably add that one to one of mine at some point. Thanks!

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