TAST week 2- buttonhole stitch

The topic of week 2 is buttonhole stitch. I had prepared one piece of fabric whith buttonhole border, so it was a good beginning. Because the border is very regular, I decided to add something different to it. Yesterday I was reading an article about new center of Japanese embroidery in Europe (the article is in the January issue of Rakam), so I decided to make it a little Japanese:

TAST week 2

Of course it’s not a Japanese embroidery, I even wouldn’t try to say that, but I tried to use some motifs that are joined whith this culture and experiment whith free-style buttonhole stitch that contrasts whith the border.

For those who are interested in real Japanese embroidery, there’s a great book by Shuji Tamura The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery .

The second picture is a seam from my bag-in-progress:

TAST week 2

So, that’s all for week 2.



  1. Chriss said

    You’re so quick! I love the feel of the Japanese-style piece. It works so well.

  2. Julita said

    Thanks Chris. I’m not really so quick, the border in the sampler was made earlier, I only added the “picture”.

  3. Maureen Bond said

    I just love the simplicity of the Japanese theme. It looks like so like the work from Japan. Well done. Maureen

  4. Wow, really nice- and thanks for the Japanese embroidery link!

  5. You did a fantastic job of capturing the FEEL of an inked picture in a completely different medium and unexpected way. Fantastic.

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