Embroidery frames again and some work done

As it can be interesting for those, who are looking for they own frame, here’s the photo of mine ‘at work’:
embroidery frame
I must say it’s really a great help while embroidering. You have both hands free which is important if you make french knots or other stitches that “need help”. It’s also very easy to adjust the tension of fabric on this frame, because screws allow to do it continouosly. It also doesn’t loose the tension after some time like roller type frames.

Some can say that it’s a lot of time lost for sewing the fabric to the frame. In fact it is some time, but it’s worth doing it. I can see a great difference between working with frame and hoop, and the frame decidedly wins. Attaching this fabric took about 1h.

The second thing I want to write is that I finally finished the parts of a CQ heart:
heart part 1

heart part 2

Of course I need to sew them and fill but the stitching is done. It’s my first CQ ever, I hope it doesn’t scary 😉



  1. NormaH said

    I love your frame. It’s very much like what I’m looking for and I don’t mind sewing my piece to the fabric strips. In fact I have a roller frame I do that on now.

    For a first heart….. well, you did just fine. I love the colors and everything goes so well together.

  2. Mandy said

    The frame will make all the difference in working on this piece. It will be worth every minute spent in setting it up in the first place.
    I like the hearts. What are you going to do with them when they are both completed?

  3. Julita said

    Thank you both 🙂 Mandy- the hearts will be sewn together and filled whith something soft. I want to make it a hanging ornament, not for a Christmas tree, as it’s too big and I have only ornamets in blue and silver, but something to hang at home. I want it to be a kind of “talk starter”- when people come to you, find something strange and start talking about it.

  4. Susan said

    Love your hearts. You did a great job stitching, and they are GREEN – the best color there is. =)

  5. cowgirl53 said

    Beautiful hearts! I particularly like the top one. I also enjoyed your comments about the embroidery frame. You’ve inspired me to look into trying one. I gave up hoops years ago, but there are times when i want two hands for embroidery, and a third to hold the piece I’m working on! So maybe a frame is the answer.
    and these are your first hearts! What a GREAT job you did!!

  6. Julita said

    Cowgirl- now I think buying a frame was the best decision I could do. There’s much more comfort while stitching, not only because you have both hands free, but also your back will thank you 😉 For me it was really worth that money.

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