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TAST week 3- detached chain stitch

I’m a little late whith this, but had so much to do, that working on this samler took ages.

When I think about detached chain the first is that there’s another name for it: lazy daisy stitch. This made my to think about this stitch like an easy and fun way to make nice flower shapes. The flowers must grow somewhere, so I needed a meadow. I decided to experiment a little whith fabrics and used two different fabrics that are not absolutely even. It was in my mind to make them folded and whith frayed edges to simulate the meadow. What do you think?

TAST3- detached chin stitch

I’m not very good in a free embroidery, so it was just an experiment to try some new possibilities, but you should see Kay Susans embroidery in her blog Smockery. It’s absolutely amaizing what you can do whith detached chain.


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CQMag comes

A hot issue of CQMag Online has jus been published, you can find it here. Even if you don’t do any CQ it’s worth reading as there are articles about many techniques that you can use not only in CQ. I have just scanned this issue now and left most part for having  a longer time to read but there’s a pretty victorian pincusion which made me thinking about a small bag in a similar mood.

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Something special

Few days ago I got a book from my father-in-law, and it’s a book that belonged to his mother. The book is perhaps nothing special on its own, but the think that they had it for so long and that it became a kind of heritage is. To say more- I have another book by the same author, at the similar age and on the same theme, that was owned by my grandma. It was one of the firsts craft books in my collection and I was always fascinated by the patterns for lace gloves and stockings.

Isn’t it special that although they both never met and even didn’t have a possibility to know each other, our grandmas somehow gave us the same?


Here’s the book I got.


And here’s my grandmas book that I found ones in a family library.

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I tat from time to time, as some perhaps saw in my flickr page, and teach tatting as I’ll do tomorrow. That’s why I’m always interested in new technics and patterns, especially because I rather don’t make my own projects (perhaps one day…). Today I found a great pattern resource. All patterns are made by Teri Dusenbury and you can find them here.

Teri, thank you for this huge and wonderful work you made and thank you for sharing it whith us. The patterns are absolutely wonderful, just go and tat!

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TAST week 2- buttonhole stitch

The topic of week 2 is buttonhole stitch. I had prepared one piece of fabric whith buttonhole border, so it was a good beginning. Because the border is very regular, I decided to add something different to it. Yesterday I was reading an article about new center of Japanese embroidery in Europe (the article is in the January issue of Rakam), so I decided to make it a little Japanese:

TAST week 2

Of course it’s not a Japanese embroidery, I even wouldn’t try to say that, but I tried to use some motifs that are joined whith this culture and experiment whith free-style buttonhole stitch that contrasts whith the border.

For those who are interested in real Japanese embroidery, there’s a great book by Shuji Tamura The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery .

The second picture is a seam from my bag-in-progress:

TAST week 2

So, that’s all for week 2.

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Embroidery frames again and some work done

As it can be interesting for those, who are looking for they own frame, here’s the photo of mine ‘at work’:
embroidery frame
I must say it’s really a great help while embroidering. You have both hands free which is important if you make french knots or other stitches that “need help”. It’s also very easy to adjust the tension of fabric on this frame, because screws allow to do it continouosly. It also doesn’t loose the tension after some time like roller type frames.

Some can say that it’s a lot of time lost for sewing the fabric to the frame. In fact it is some time, but it’s worth doing it. I can see a great difference between working with frame and hoop, and the frame decidedly wins. Attaching this fabric took about 1h.

The second thing I want to write is that I finally finished the parts of a CQ heart:
heart part 1

heart part 2

Of course I need to sew them and fill but the stitching is done. It’s my first CQ ever, I hope it doesn’t scary 😉

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TAST week 1- herringbone stitch

I finally managed to stitch the first sampler for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. It’s here:

TAST week 1

I wanted to try it on a clear way, as usually I stitch it on non-countable fabrics. This time I wanted it look more like a traditional sampler.

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