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Embroidery frames

I’d love to have one, but when i checked what is in the shops, there was nothing that I really need. It’s impossible to buy anything apropriate for me in Poland and quite good stand frames in shops abroad are rather too expensive for me. Finally I decided to ask my husband to make what I want as a Christmas gift. I hope it’ll work 😉

The first step was chcecking what is important and useful to me. I have quite a good image of a frame that I need now and found some good places to learn more about such an equipment.

Here you’ll find a lot of information about different kinds of frames. In this site there is a great artice about mounting your fabric in a slate frame and also about adjusting a scroll frame to use it as a slate.

And finally The Woman of 1000 hobbies shows a frame made by her husband. I think this is a great idea to make the stands high whith a possibility to change the position of a frame if you need it stay higher or lower.

My dream frame will be a little different from what I have seen, but first we have to learn some woodworking 😉 Hope we’ll do it.


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stitch dictionary

Huh, I finished the cross stitch in my Secret Garden today, there are only  back stitches and french knots left. Hope to finish it before Christmas 😉

For today I have a great link to stitch dictionary.  I found it searching for a crested chain stitch that was perfectly used by Conni.  I’m watching the photos from Sharon’s course and I think there are many really great ideas.  Some time ago I had an idea to make something like a collection of samplers and learn some new stitches. Let’s say this is still a work before start 😉 Perhaps one day I’ll attend Sharon’s class to make it.  For now I’m going to experiment a little whith somemereshka stitches. I love the lacy look of embridery.

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Today I want to share some pics from three exhibitions. The first and second one are now in Lodz, Poland and show tatting and embroidery. The tatted items where made by Maria Wojciechowska-Zalewska and are absolutely unique. Embroideries are part of a competition organized by a local thread factory.

The third one is an exhibition in Poin de Ce (France), that is a museum of coifs. In the current Rakam issue (Nov 2006) there is an article about it. I was there few years ago and made some photos, so here they are:

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Yest, that’s right, it’s snowing here for few days, and this is my first snowflake this year 🙂


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Some fabulous embroidery

Today I was checking if there is something interesting on flickr and found this totally fabulous album.  I’m going to read some more about the shirt that was so geniously copied by Laren. Check this sites and also her homesite, there is so much interesting  about historical embroidery.

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Thinking about Christmas

I’m starting thinking about Christmas, though it is a time rather to thing about those, who left this nice world.  Let’s say I’m thinking about them every day all year especially because many of them where crafty women.  Anyway, I’m trying not to loose my own time still having in mind all these people that I shall thank for a wonderful time, lessons and patience for my crazy nature.

Today I made the first crochet christmas star this year. It’s waiting for a photo.  I also found  two great sites whith inspirations for Christmas ornaments:

Here is a tutorial of CQ fan ornament by A Beautiful Craft  and another place is a CrazyQStitchers’ blog. Both are CQ, but I think the idea can be used in many other ways 🙂

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