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New project

Huh, I started a new quilt not a long ago. Here are first motifs:
sun 1 sun 2

The motifs of sun were inspirated by paintings on Lemk houses that I showed before. I want to use more of them and also add some traditional folk embroideries and motifs that are meaningful for me. Now I collect them and draw in my sketchbook. Of course I’ll have to use some typical CQ stitch treatments 🙂


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Many thanks

Yesterday I got a wonderful gift from KaeTay. It’s embroidery threads and books with tatting patterns.  I just would like to say thanks again to Kay, as it was a great surpirse and the patterns are not easily available here. Now I must thing what to make first 😉

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error 404..

…very crafty error 🙂 I think you should go to this site and see it 🙂  I would love to have something like that in my site, just for fun and to say everybody I’m craft crazy even in web-design thinking.  As my site needs a total rebuilding, I will think also about this part of it.

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