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Play green 3

The work in progress 😉 I’m learnig something every day :),I’m also working on my cross stitch and it looks much better now 🙂 It’s funny, I stitch only in trains while going to work or back home. It really works and people don’t make any problems, I think they are now bored, because nothing special happens, every day cross stitch and cross stitch 😉


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Play green 2

This is another stage of my first CQ. Not too much, because I was also working on a cross stitch this weekend. I added few stitches and some beads and I had a problem with the lace. At the beginning it looked quite strong but in fact it’s rather delicate and was damaged in the center of heart. Now I want to add some beads there to hide the damaged part.

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First time CQ

I’ve never tried it before, and there must be some first time. I decided not to make something big, just because I want to get the final quite soon. Yesterday I sewed the patches and today I’m working on some embellishments. I hope it won’t be completely awful 😉

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Birthday gift

Huh, I finally finished my studies today, it’s a wonderful state, when you know that nothing is interupting your free time 🙂 Belive or not, studying and working at the same time is not funny 😉

Let’s go back to gift 🙂
Some time ago I got a very special gift for my birthday. As you can see, it’s huge amount of old threads 🙂 I’d love to know, how old they are, I think they might be over 30 years, there is a date 1973 on the box with retors, but I’m not sure if the others cottons are the same age. Perhaps somebody knows?

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